MOST COMMON SYMPTOMS OF SEVERE FAILURE OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE (if you have one or more YES! answers to these questions it is time to contact our service)

No image on the monitor, but you can hear fans are running and lights on computer casing are on.

After power on, computer work for the moment and after a few seconds, turn off.

Sudden computer reset during work.

Sudden computer shutdown during work

The computer does not reset or shutdown each time when a software reset or shutdown is required.

The computer does not power on every time you press the button on the case.

Do not pass the POST (first screen you see after you switch on your computer).

Message that some file is missing before entering the windows.

Freezing mouse and keyboard while working.

Blue screen (BSOD) during boot the operating system or during work in windows.

Mouse pointer moves but when you click on something nothing happens.

USB not working, No sound, network card not working...

Very slow booting and / or shutdown of the operating system

Computer works very slow.

Often appearing SEND / DON`T SEND messages during work in windows

Often appearing of other strange messages during work in windows

Problems with copying and reading data on hard disk

Suddenly the internet has become very slow

Suddenly, the Internet does not work

You can not send and receive e-mail

Computer network does not work ...